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        ABOUT US
        Company Profile

        Guangdong Eashu Pharmacetical Co.,Ltd. located in the picturesque piedmont of Ding Hu Hill , which founded on October , 2000 . It covers 2000 square meters , including solid preparation workshop 2000 M2 , chemosynthesis bulk drug workshop 1800 M2 ,office building and testing center 1600 M2 , along with the a series of full set supporting facilities such as power supply , firecontrol , fuel boiler , treatment of sewage , roadway , virescence , etc . Solid preparation workshop has annual output of is two hundred million pieces capsule , five piece hundred million tablets and 0.5 hundred million pack palletized granule , bulk drug workshop has annual output of more than 200 ton . We stated general trial-produce on June 2003 . after the two times GMP authentications on December 2002 and July 2004 , we are the first manufacturer or the first lot Tolbutamide manufacturer who passed the GMP authentication . We were approved by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration , and annexed long established Foshan City biochemistry factory , so we started to produce their 12 great reputation finished products for example : compound bromelains enteric-coated tablet , in the GMP approved workshop , and ensure to upgrade their quality . We are using the most advanced and steady-going equipments , to make sure our whole process of production can reach higher standard of quality requirement , at the same time , we imported the advanced fluidized-bed from Switzerland , provide conditions for we devoted to devoted to development of Sustained Release pellet . Our quality control department have complete and advanced inspection testing instruments such as , infrared spectrophotometer , ultraviolet spectrophotometer , high performance liquid chromatograph , gas chromatograph , etc , meet demand of produce of chemosynthesis bulk drug and oral solid finished precuts , it is our guaranteed quality also.